When it comes to music artist they for the most part get use to saying they are hated on, the city doesn’t   support them or if they where in another market they would make it, but what happens when they do get that one (YES)????.

YES,  I’m talking about when someone who can actually change your career and life actually wants to hear what ‘s next.

Are you ready? What are your plans, your goals, your music genres that you will try to cross over to, your marketing plan , your whole campaign, what do you have in your portfolio, who can you take with you, who do you leave behind??

questions after questions that only you can answer.

Every artist should have a solid plan ready for when they do hear that one YES they will be ready to respond.

My advice to you.

Take about a week of soul-searching day dreaming and Nit picking reality. blend it all together and you should have a more focused idea on where you will or want to be with your music career.

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