Who is the best artist in 2012 HipHOP

Well the year is almost done , and this question seems appropriate who do you think was the best HIPHOP artist of 2012??

was it LIL WAYNE, or one of his CASHMONEY YOUNG MONEY (MADE A LOT OF MONEY ) comrads NICKI MINAJ or DRAKE maybe even TYGA?
or is it RICK ROSS and or one of the MMG BOYS MEEK MILL, or WALE. could it be hood favorites like YOUNG JEEZY or TI , or swag favorite
KANYE WEST. oh yeah you cant count out out newcomer well sort of newcomer 2CHAINZ who in my opinion has had a heavy 6 months that could rival LIL WAYNE’s push in the past years, for the amount of features he is now doing. matter fact while I write this i’m sure 2CHAINZ is doing yet another feature. lol. well that’s my opinion and pick for this year #Salute the homie @2CHAINZ and much more success to you and your team.



You ever wonder why it seems like an artist first album is always the best album even though it may have been the album that they had the least amount of money to spend on and promote etc. Well a lot of people call it the sophomore jinx, but if it’s the same artist and even better producers then they most likely used in the 1st album , then how come the sound or drive is not in the music like it was??


I call it the lack of HUNGER FOR MORE, what does that mean you ask?  well I’ll tell you, the hunger for more is when a artist is coming out of hat ever struggle they had to make it out of through this music, for example. 50CENT. 


The first major album from 50cent was pretty much and instant classic, but if you time his work, on the royalties calendar as I ike to call it( royalties are usually sent within 6 mths) then look at or listen to his music , he used the same types of beats etc, but the HUNGER or the rawness of his first attempts was not evident anymore. I’m not saying he can’t rap but once the money comes in that desperation flow that lurks inside your gut and drives you to make the best possible hit, subsides a little bit when the money comes in. To be truly consistent when it comes to HIPHOP you gotta always have a real





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